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Our Story

In early 2012, Ashley had a Life Epiphany about Health. She realized that what you PUT ON you and what you PUT IN you...MATTERS.

Being a naturally creative person - she started to make her own creams, lip balms, bath bombs and Soaps (as well as making other major life changes to compliment this growing Epiphany).

Hanna-Made Soaps was brought to life shortly after Ashley experienced making her first batch of Cold Processed Soap. A batch of Castile Soap (100% Olive Oil Soap) made by hand. It took forever - but the resulting bar that was created had her falling in love with the Art of Soapmaking.

She started to sell her Soaps at different Markets (becoming a staple at the Kitchener Market for a couple of years) and eventually at Vincenzo's - a popular Italian specialty food store.

Ashley put Soapmaking on hold at the end of 2014 until Mid 2020 so that she could grow a family - having 4 Beautiful Home Births during that period.

After nearly a year of adjusting to having so many kids in such a short time - She realized that she needed Soapmaking back in her life, for a few reasons

1. Lifestyle - it really does matter what you put in your body and what you put on your body. 

2. She had not quite found a Soap that made her skin feel like Hanna-Made Soaps did. Obviously, she was biased - but after using her soaps, she did not need to use her moisturizing cream. Every other soap she used, her skin felt dry. With her soap, her skin felt Moisturized. It was a noticeable difference. (Note: She did use Hand Made Soaps during her absence from Soapmaking because it is the best stuff ever and she did thoroughly enjoy the soaps she used!)

3. The Smell of the Soaps - It is heaven. With the crazy life Ashley leads, she needs a relaxing space to regroup and often times the only break she gets is when she slips away to Shower. The smells that surround her from the Essential Oils used in the Soaps, help her mind clear out and recharge....a perfect mini spa getaway.

4. Ashley now had 6 people to keep clean. 

And that is how Hanna-Made Soaps was Reborn Mid 2020! 

 First Market 2012

Kitchener Market days

Vincenzo's Display
Hanna-Made Soaps reborn